What a 6-Year Old Can Teach Men About Prostate Cancer

Ale Gianna sends a Father's Day Message to her Dad Ale Gianna’s Message to Her Dad on Father’s Day 6-year old Ale Gianna is a remarkable young person. I met her and her father in Phoenix earlier this spring on a  Prostate Cancer Awareness Project mission to participate in a prostate cancer motorcycle ride hosted by Shelley Martin – Scottsdale Harley-Davidson – as part of Arizona Bike Week. Ale’s message is to all Dads everywhere. Thank you Ale, from all of us!   read more

Bicycling Pictures

PCAP Bicycle Group Trip Check Out Our Cycling Programs. The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo: Climb the hills of Virginia and West Virginia with mountain biking pro Jeremiah Bishop. The Around the World Cycling Challenge: Earn a coveted PCAP Around the World Cycling Challenge jersey for riding 24,901.6 miles. It’s easy; just one pedal stroke at a time. Our Cycling Athlete Ambassador Program: If you enjoy riding and talking with people, you can become one of our cycling Athlete Ambassadors. read more

Robert’s PSA Chart

Prostate cancer is treatable if detected early.  The best current test is the PSA test. ProstateTracker helps allows you to see the rise in PSA values that indicate prostate cancer is present.  This image shows an actual prostate cancer survivor’s PSA history recreated in ProstateTracker.  You can create your personal ProstateTracker account at ProstateTracker.org.  Your account is free and completely anonymous.  ProstateTracker is a free public service provided by the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and supported by people like you. read more

State Proclamations

PCAP State Proclamations for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Beginning on March 17, 2012, over 160 Prostate Cancer Pony Express relay riders rode over 25,000 miles, crossing the US four times and ending in Washington, DC on September 9, 2011, to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Our riders visited the state capitols of 49 of our 50 states, asking these governors to officially name September as prostate cancer awareness month and to support our prostate cancer awareness efforts. We received official proclamations from 10 states, the City of Philadelphia, and a commendation from Representative Janice Hahn, the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s Congressional representative.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to the following: Representative Janice Hahn, 36th District, California   Arizona – Governor Janice Kay Brewer   Florida – Governor Rick Scott Illinois – Governor Pat Quinn Indiana – Governor Mitch Daniels Missouri – Governor Jay Nixon   Nebraska – Governor Dave Heineman North Carolina – Governor Bev Perdue Wisconsin – Governor Scott Walker   Virginia – Governor Robert F. McDonnell  City of Philadelphia – Mayor Michael A. Nutter   Thank You! We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to these dedicated public servants.  Prostate cancer is the number one male cancer and kills 30,000 men year, but […] read more

2012 Pony Express

The annual PCAP Prostate Cancer Pony Express is our major motorcycle rally for prostate cancer awareness. We are partnered with the Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) for this event. Our goal is to use our Pony Express riders to bring attention to free screening sites in each state and to raise funds to support PCEC screening programs. You can play an important role in prostate cancer prevention by participating in the event, sharing the event with your friends, or making a donation to a PCAP Prostate Cancer Pony Express rider. read more

Prostate Tracker

prostatetracker.org More than 32,000 men die every year from prostate cancer; many of them simply because they don’t know they have the disease in time for effective treatment. PROSTATETRACKER is a free Internet service that lets men see any change in their PSA test from one year to the next, and automatically reminds them when their next test is due. ProstateTracker™ is a free online PSA tracking service provided by the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project. About ProstateTracker: It is a free service. It will track your annual PSA results from one year to the next and give you a visual indication if there is cause for concern. You will receive an email reminder when your next test is due. You privacy is important to us and you will not be asked for your last name, only a working email address. The service is now live.  Sign Up for a Free ProstateTracker™ Account. Prostate cancer strikes one in every six men [one in every four African American men]. Don’t be caught with a surprise prostate cancer diagnosis. Visit prostatetracker.org today!     read more