How a motorcycle ride can find prostate cancer

The Prostate Cancer Pony Express is criss-crossing the US this year raising awareness for prostate cancer. A wonderful group of relay riders are carrying our dispatch bag with our memorial journal from state capitol-to-state capitol, connecting with men and urging state governments to join with us in prostate cancer awareness. One of our early events took place in Hammond, Louisiana, at Hammond Harley-Davidson. You can see the pictures on our Facebook PAGE HERE. That event may just have saved three men’s lives “Also FYI, we did a prostate screening at the dealership the morning that Dick was with us, we performed @ 20 PSA tests and from that number there was 3 abnormal results presented with two of those being scheduled for surgery, all three where asymptomatic surprised with the lab results and are now eternally grateful for possibly having saved their lives. This all, because of you, your organization and the efforts to inform the masses.” Why men need to screen for prostate cancer – Prostate cancer generally doesn’t have symptoms until it is at an advanced stage – Early detection is critical How to know if your prostate cancer risk is rising – Create a free account at – Enter […] read more

Day 54 of the Prostate Cancer Pony Express – Memphis

Our riders arrived this afternoon in Memphis, TN. Thanks Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation! Follow the riders live on Google maps at read more

2012 Pony Express

The annual PCAP Prostate Cancer Pony Express is our major motorcycle rally for prostate cancer awareness. We are partnered with the Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) for this event. Our goal is to use our Pony Express riders to bring attention to free screening sites in each state and to raise funds to support PCEC screening programs. You can play an important role in prostate cancer prevention by participating in the event, sharing the event with your friends, or making a donation to a PCAP Prostate Cancer Pony Express rider. read more

2012 Prostate Cancer Pony Express is Underway

Hey Everyone. Here are some pictures from the March 9th official start of the 2012 Prostate Cancer Pony Express at the San Pedro, CA offices of Representative Janice Hahn (CA-36th).You can do they same thing with your local Congressional representative’s office. The people that work here are always looking for an opportunity to support their local constituents, and they understand our issues.Call your local office, tell them what you’re doing, and ask to stop by for a picture. Representative Hahn’s staff are going to put the SPOT Tracker link on their website so people can follow the riders. Here’s the link: read more