See the First Prostate Cancer Awareness Race Team at Laguna Seca

Johan Schwartz Racing The World’s First Prostate Cancer Awareness Race Team at Laguna Seca – September 11-13 If you are a gear head – or just a car buff – I’m delighted to tell everyone that there is a race team out there competing for prostate cancer awareness. The team competes on the Pirelli World Challenge and you can see the full details at Johan Schwartz Racing. Johan is competed this year in Pirelli World Challenge. The finale is September 11-13 at Laguna Seca raceway and will crown the winner of the series. Johan and his wife Karen have worked hard all year long for prostate cancer awareness and more than 60 cars will be sporting blue ribbons in honor of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. For those of us who like records, until this year, Johan held the Guiness Book of World Records title for the longest drift in a car. He has plans to take back that record in 2016. How You Can Support Johan … Johan is working hard for prostate cancer awareness. Your next step is to get your annual prostate cancer blood test and personally track the results at Just hit the big green button below to […] read more

Medicare Approves New Tool for Prostate Cancer Recurrence Assessment

Medicare Now Covers Oncotype DX Testing Oncotype DX is a genomic test that can help predict near- and long-term outcomes in prostate cancer. About half of all men diagnosed with prostate cancer could be treated with active surveillance for a period of time. The Oncotype DX test is a genomic test that can help in determining the aggressiveness of a prostate cancer case and it’s likelihood of recurrence after treatment. “More than 220,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in the United States alone. The Medicare coverage decision extends reimbursement for Oncotype DX testing to prostate cancer patients defined as low- and very low-risk by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), who are eligible based on clinical and pathological factors such as prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and Gleason score.” The effective date for Medicare coverage will be after the 45-day notice period according to Palmetto GBA’s process. This should be sometime near the end of September 2015. Prostate Cancer’s Enigma Science is learning more about prostate cancer all of the time, but there still are many unknowns. With more than 20 different varieties of prostate cancer, the biggest challenge is determining which are the aggressive types that claim the lives of […] read more

2015 Mt. Baldy Hotter N’ Hell TT KOM and QOM Champions!

PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess presents KOM jersey at Mt. Baldy time trial 2015 Edition of the Hotter N’ Hell Mt. Baldy Time Trial is in the Record Books Almost 70 riders competed in the 2015 Edition of Brad House’s Hotter N’ Hell time trial to the top of Mt. Baldy, and 13 riders walked away with King and Queen of the Mountain jerseys. Well done everyone!       Congratulations to all of these champions, and also to Lisa Ballantine, the day’s Lanterne Rouge winner, for her dogged determination in conquering Mt. Baldy! Allez! read more

Patrick Dempsey Supports Amgen National Cancer Champions

Patrick Dempsey salutes Amgen Cancer Champions Patrick Dempsey Supports Amgen National Cancer Champions Patrick Dempsey has supported Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer program since inception a decade ago. Patrick’s mother died of cancer and he created a cancer support center in Maine in her memory.  As busy as he is, he still makes time to support these crucial cancer programs. As a cancer survivor myself, I’m indebted to him for his continuing efforts. Amgen’s Breakaway From Cancer program is a wonderful support program for cancer survivors. I was honored to be selected as one of 10 national champions for 2015 for my work in creating As a long-time amateur bicycle racer, it’s a thrill to have Phil Liggett doing the voice over for this piece. A huge thanks to Amgen, the Breakaway From Cancer team, and to Patrick Dempsey for his 10 years of support to Breakaway From Cancer. Like to cycle? Visit us at and join one of our cycling programs! is a free prostate cancer early warning and detection system. Help us keep it running and saving men’s lives with a donation.   read more

Will Your Prostate Cancer Recur?

Cancer cell Decipher prostate cancer classifier predicts the aggressiveness of prostate cancer and it's likelihood of recurrence. read more

2015 Tour de France – Honorary PCAP Lanterne Rouge Award

Prostate Cancer Awareness Project Lanterne Rouge Cycling Jersey 2015 Tour de France Lanterne Rouge Award by Robert Warren Hess The Tour de France is, without question, the toughest bicycle race in the world. The Tour de France lasts 21 days and covers 3,660 kilometers – that’s 2,276.704 miles! Just finishing the Tour de France is an incredible feat. The journey of a lifetime for a professional cyclist. But, as is almost always the case, the focus is almost soley on the most talented riders – the race leaders, CG contenders, king of the mountain contenders, and the sprinters. There’s even a special category for the best younger rider and the most courages rider of the day. But there is no recognition for the riders at the end of the 198-man strong peloton. Until now, that it. We award King and Queen of the Mountain jerseys to the fastest climbers in their age category in our cancer awareness ride – Alpine Loop Gran Fondo and the Hotter than Hell Mt. Baldy climb. But we wanted to  create something very special for the last person to finish the ride. The person that just ‘gutted it out’ and made it happen. So we created our Lanterne Rouge Jersey. So once again this year, just […] read more

The Number 1 Way to Boost Your Immune System and Help Your Body Keep Cancer at Bay

The Number 1 Way to Boost Your Immune System and Help Your Body Keep Cancer at Bay Why getting too little sleep may help your cancer recur. read more

PCAP CEO Selected as National Cancer Champion

Picture of Robert Warren Hess PCAP Founder and CEO Robert Warren Hess was selected as one of ten National Cancer Champions for 2015 by Amgen’s Breakaway From Cancer board. Hess was chosen because of his personal cancer journey and his work in creating ProstateTracker, a free prostate cancer early warning tool. Prostate cancer strikes one in every six men and 90% of cases can be cured IF found early. Hess, himself, is a 12-year prostate cancer survivor. Activate your ProstateTracker account today. It’s the best prostate cancer insurance policy you can get. And it’s FREE! ACTIVATE MY PROSTATE TRACKER ACCOUNT! read more

What are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)?

What are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)? What are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)? By Robert Warren Hess     As a 12-year prostate cancer survivor, prostate cancer recurrence is always a possibility so I pay close attention to current medical research. But in reading that research I constantly find terms I don’t understand. One recent mystery term was SNP. Here’s the definition of an SNP … “Single nucleotide polymorphisms, frequently called SNPs (pronounced “snips”), are the most common type of genetic variation among people. Each SNP represents a difference in a single DNA building block, called a nucleotide. For example, a SNP may replace the nucleotide cytosine (C) with the nucleotide thymine (T) in a certain stretch of DNA. SNPs occur normally throughout a person’s DNA. They occur once in every 300 nucleotides on average, which means there are roughly 10 million SNPs in the human genome. Most commonly, these variations are found in the DNA between genes. They can act as biological markers, helping scientists locate genes that are associated with disease. When SNPs occur within a gene or in a regulatory region near a gene, they may play a more direct role in disease by affecting the gene’s function. Most SNPs have no effect on […] read more

Are You Ready to Ride? Join Us at The 2015 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

Alpine Gran Fondo The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is honored to be one of the non-profits that the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo closely works with to carry out its charitable mission. We invite you to join us at the 2015 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo in Harrisonburg, VA. This challenging and adventurous cycling event takes place on September 20, 2015. The route begins in Harrisonburg and covers 107 miles featuring over 11,000 feet of climbing and two dirt road mountain climbs – the toughest Gran Fondo in the United States! Registration is open at and will continue until September 7th or until field limits are reached. The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo has a route for everyone including two new ones this year. Now there are five routes to enjoy. Check out the details below: Valley View Challenge – 36 miles, 2200 ft elevation Mt Solon Metric Century – 100 kilometers (62 miles), 3700 ft elevation Shenandoah Mountain Adventure – 78 miles, 6400 ft elevation Shenandoah Mountain Century – 100(+) miles, 7800 ft elevation Alpine Loop – 108 miles, 11000 ft elevation If you are ready to ride and up to the challenge; we encourage you to join us at the 2015 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo. […] read more