Racing for Prostate Cancer –

Today officially kicks off the Pirelli World Challenge 2016 season in Austin, TX at COTA! Watch Johan and 49 additional drivers racing in Tourning Car (class counts are 24 TC, 15 TCA, 11 TCB). This weekend’s races will be live streamed. Note: schedule posted on World Challenge website shows CST – times posted below are EST.  Schedule for the weekend:  Friday, March 4 11:30 – 12:15   Qualifying (Race Monitor Only) 5:30 – 6:30 PM  Race 1 Saturday, March 5 12:45 – 1:45 PM  Race 2   Live Streaming:  Click Here  Race Monitor App:  Click Here read more

Racing for Prostate Cancer 2016 – Sitrep 1*

picture of Mazda MX-5 Racing for Prostate Cancer 2016 – Year 2 by Robert Warren Hess Johan Schwartz raced last year on the Pirelli World Tour for prostate cancer awareness and the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is pleased to support Johan and his team for 2016. Johan will be racing a Honda Civic on TCA class at Circuit of the Americas on March 4th. You can watch the race live at Win your own race against prostate cancer by having a simple PSA blood test every year beginning at age 35 and recording and tracking the results at Mazda Motor Sports Steps Up to Help Stop Cancer! Surviving cancer means finding it early and doing everything within in your personal control to prevent the cancer from spreading or recurring. The key factors in beating cancer are early detection and knowledge, and that’s where our race program comes in. At right is the picture of the Mazda MX-5 that PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess has donated for our SCCA cancer prevention racing program.  The car will receive a cancer prevention wrap and will compete on the local SCCA circuit in California, road rallies, and this summer at Solo Pro Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska. You […] read more

How I Use my Bicycle to Stop My Cancer . . .

How I Use my Bicycle to Stop My Cancer . . . How I Use my Bicycle to Stop My Cancer . . .  Part of my post-treatment survival plan was more exercise, so as soon as things healed up after my prostate cancer surgery in May 2003, I jumped back on my bicycle and started riding again. Since May 3, 2003, I’ve ridden just over 27,318.28 miles – [yes, I track every ride I take and more about that later] – more than the distance around the earth. I initially thought I was riding because I’d read that exercise helped prevent cancer recurrence, and I was determined to keep my prostate cancer from recurring. But, I’m not so certain that’s the real reason. What Exercise Research Says About Why We Exercise I was in San Francisco on January 15, 2016 for inaugural Cancer Survivorship Symposium as a patient Advocate for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)and one of the key themes that kept recurring through all of the presentations on both days was the importance of lifestyle change – exercise and nutrition – in the post-treatment part of cancer journeys. But speaker after speaker noted the difficulty cancer survivors have in making and maintaining exercise in their lives, even though […] read more

How to Use Your Office Time to Stay Fit

PCAP Founder and CEO Robert Warren Hess figures out how to clear email while training for his cycling trip around the world. read more

Two Simple Ways to Reduce Your Prostate Cancer Risk in 2016

PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess Why Losing 10 Pounds is One of My Key Anti-Cancer Goals for 2016 January is the month we all make New Year’s resolutions that are important to us. If you are a prostate cancer survivor, or a cancer survivor of any type, modifying your health habits can have a profound effect on your cancer outcome and your quality of life. American Cancer Society research shows that fully one third of all cancers are related to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I started riding my bicycle again right after my treatment for prostate cancer in May 2003, and bicycling has been a key element of my personal cancer battle plan every since. Since my treatment in May of 2003, I have risen 27,318.28 miles, more than once around the world at the equator, and climbed almost 600,000 vertical feet. This equates to 1,238,428 calories burned, or 353.84 pounds of fat. The results? I dropped from 165 lb. to an almost optimal weight of 150 lb., felt better, slept better, and earned two Southern California state cycling championships in track riding at the velodrome. More importantly, my PSA stayed in the .02 – .06 range for that entire period. Bad Luck […] read more

How to Predict if Your Prostate Cancer Will Return after Surgery

Metastatic Prostate Cancer – Are You in That Category? By a factor of at least five, the number one question we receive here at PCAP is “what is the likelihood that my prostate cancer will recur?”  And the short answers have always been “it’s difficult to say” or “every man is different.” And both of those answers are true. There are many variants of prostate cancer and the challenge of determining which prostate cancers need to be treated and which can be followed with active surveillance remains the tantalizing goal, still just out of reach. But, There’s Hope for Determining which Prostate Cancer Will Return The science of genomics has been making great strides in the past several years, as I learned when I served on the consumer review panel of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program for prostate cancer. The Decipher® Prostate Cancer Test from GenomeDX Biosciences is now available to the public, although it is a bit pricey at $3,600.00. But this is a cutting edge genetic test that measures 22 biomarkers that are associated with aggressive prostate cancer and calculates the probability of metastasis within 5 years of surgery. Having this information about your particular prostate cancer […] read more

How to get your PSA blood test for $35 in 7 easy steps – and we mean EASY!

image of PCAP CEO Robert Warren Hess taking PSA blood test at Labcorp How to Get a Prostate Cancer Blood Test for Just $35.00 . . . I’ve been talking for years about how easy it is to take a PSA blood test. But, as we all know, talking about something is easier than actually doing it. So, this year I decided to document the entire process and show you can you can get that all important PSA test for just $35.00. And then get an annual reminder when the next test is due absolutely free. Could it be any better than that? [This is a long post, so be sure to read to the bottom!] OK. Let’s go through the 7 steps … Getting Your PSA Test and Learning Your Prostate Cancer Risk – 7 Easy Steps … Taking a PSA test is really a piece of cake, and you don’t need a doctor to prescribe the test for you. Remember that 1 in every 6 men will have prostate cancer – more new cases of prostate cancer every year than breast cancer. Who knew? Here are at the simple steps to take your PSA test … Decide to take the test. This is really the major hurdle for most men. Prostate […] read more

Help Prostate Cancer Research

Cancer Researchers Need Out Help! I received this email this morning from WhatNext.  Please consider participating  . . . “We have an opportunity for you to take part in a Multiple Cancer study.  It is an online Discussion Board with Cancer patients, our project number C1_666. For the discussion board you will be required to log on once a day, for 5 days and spend about 15-20 minutes per day writing (total 90 minutes, 10 minutes to register once accepted). When the study has concluded you will receive a check for $175 or $150 depending on your type of cancer.  If you are interested in qualifying for this study, please click the link below to answer a few questions. We find these surveys work best on a computer or laptop, if you are trying it on a mobile device and are having trouble, please try it on a computer or laptop, and/or try a different browser. Thanks as always for your participation! Please be aware that by entering this information you are not guaranteed that you will be selected to participate. As always, we do not share any of your contact information without your permission.” PCAP Comment . . . This is an […] read more

2015 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

Robert Warren Hess, Alpine Loop Gran Fondo 5oo Cycling Ride for Prostate Cancer Awareness By Robert Warren Hess 5th Anniversary of the Alpine Loop Gran Fond for Prostate Cancer Awareness September 20th was another beautiful day in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The weather for early packet pickup on Saturday was flawless – mid-80s, a crystal blue sky, and warm late summer sunshine washing over the city and the patio at the Ice House in Harrisonburg, overlooking the registration center. The weather forecasters were teasing about the possibility of rain, but Sunday morning dawned breezy and clear, and stayed that way until the mid-afternoon when the sun warmed up the festival area at the finish line. It was another great riding day. We had almost 500 riders doing the 5 various routes and rider reports were all great. By the end of the day, more than 30 riders had earned King and Queen of the Mountain jerseys, to lots of applause from the participants. Everyone had a great time but, more importantly, we educated another group of men about the important of prostate cancer testing and early detection. If those 430 mean implement our #justGet6 program, we will reach several thousand men about prostate cancer. Our thanks […] read more

New Prostate Cancer Ambassador

New Prostate Cancer Ambassador Decipher prostate cancer classifier predicts the aggressiveness of prostate cancer and it's likelihood of recurrence. read more