5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Cancer in America. Are We Winning or Losing? 5 Simple Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Cancer risk. by Robert Warren Hess Globally, cancer is on the increase, fueled by our lifestyle choices. The most read article on our blog deals with prostate cancer recurrence. Take a minute and review this important video by clicking on the image at the right. I implemented everyone of these five suggestions after my diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer 12 years ago. My prostate cancer remains in remission, with my annual PSA results consistently in the .02  – .04 band. I don’t know if these lifestyle changes made the difference, but my prostate cancer has not returned and I feel great. I’m currently training to compete at the World Master’s Track Cycling Champions in Manchester, England in October of this year. Four Simple Steps to Reduce Your Cancer Risk If you are concerned about cancer or your cancer returning, I suggest these simple steps … Watch the video Decide which lifestyle changes you can implement Follow this blog for tips on how to make those changes – and make them stick Join me in my second around the world on my bicycle […] read more

Road to Manchester – Dispatch 2

Prostate Cancer Recurrence and the ‘Fitness Factor’ by Robert Warren Hess Today was my second session at the track on my way to Manchester. If you love to ride bicycles, you will love to ride the track. Our track here at the Velo Sports Center at the StubHub Center is pretty fantastic: indoors (no potholes or traffic lights); 250 meters of Siberian pine; 45 degree bankings; a pretty constant 72 degrees fahrenheit. Now, that’s pretty sweet. I’m still working so it’s a challenge getting the miles in. So far in 2015, I’ve managed to ride just 158 miles, which isn’t nearly enough. By the way, I’ve ridden the distance around the world since my prostate cancer treatment in 2003 and I’m working on my second lap. You can join me at the Around the World Cycling Challenge. So, what did I get done this morning … First, the early morning LA traffic snagged me so I wast able to get on the track until 6:30 am and I had to be finished by 8:00 am., so I didn’t get my complete interval program completed. Summary … – 50 laps warm-up in 103 in gear – 7.5 miles – 3 x […] read more

Road to Manchester – Report 1

Road to Manchester – Report 1 Prostate Cancer Recurrence and the ‘Fitness Factor’ by Robert Warren Hess Research over the past decade is providing good evidence that exercise plays an important role in reducing the risk of all cancers. But it is only recently that researchers have begun looking at exercise’s role in preventing the recurrence of cancer. In my case, the recurrence of my prostate cancer. My prostate cancer was treated in 2003, and that puts me right in the zone for when prostate cancer recurs. That’s a big concern for me – as it is for many others. But, I served a career in the US Army and I learned the value of planning. So I made my own prostate cancer battle plan, which included bicycle riding If you’ve read this blog, you know that I have ridden the distance around the world, 24,901.6 miles, in the 10 years since my treatment. Those miles have been a key element in my prostate cancer recurrence prevention program. I enjoyed it so much that I created the Around the World Cycling Challenge. I love track cycling and I’m headed for the Masters World Track Cycling championships in Manchester, England this coming October [October 2015] to ride […] read more

Preventing Prostate Cancer Recurrence – the 2015 Story

Withings wearable technology logo One Guy’s Plan for Preventing Prostate Cancer Recurrence by Robert Warren Hess Will My Prostate Cancer Recur? That is the number one question we get asked here at PCAP and it also is the number one search phrase that brings people to our website, by a factor of 5! I wrote a detailed post about prostate cancer recurrence that you can read at the following link – likelihood of prostate cancer recurrence. Exercise and Diet – The Cancer Survivor’s Tools Research in the past several years shows a clear correlation between diet and exercise and cancer occurrence – and recurrence. As many of you know, I’m now beginning my 12th year as a prostate cancer survivor and I’m very interested in recurrence and what I personally can do to prevent it. I created the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and developed the ProstateTracker.org early detection system to give men simple tools to detect their prostate cancer early when it is still treatable. I also got on my bicycle and began riding again to get my weight under control and add a solid element of exercise and fitness to my personal prevention program. Over the 10 years following my treatment I rode […] read more

The One New Year’s Resolution Men Need to Keep

Twp dinosaurs looking at the Ark floating away. Don't forget to take your annual prostate cancer PSA blood test. New Year’s resolutions seem to come and go. We all have a list of things we want to do and another list (either longer or shorter) of the things we know we should do. The challenge is how to get them done. I’ve found that using a reminder tool with my To Do list works wonders. This blog is about preventing and surviving prostate cancer and I’m always on the lookout for tools and ideas that will help men avoid prostate cancer. In this morning’s email I received a list of health resolutions from Self-Chec that made me laugh and reflect at the same time. The message began with the cartoon on the right and continued with a 7-day list of health resolutions to implement beginning January 1, 2015 . . . Day 1 – Testicular self-chec Day 2 – Schedule a colonoscopy Day 3 – Men and women each do a breast self-chef (yes, men do get breast cancer!) Day 4 – Make and appointment for a mammogram or prostate check* Day 5 – Do a total body self-chef of your skin Day 6 – If you have been a smoker, ask your doctor about testing for early signs […] read more

Can Coffee Prevent Prostate Cancer Recurrence? A New Study Suggests the Answer is Yes!

Dr. Samadi discussed coffee and prostate cancer recurrence Prostate cancer recurrence is the number one search topic for people coming to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project website and, as a 10-year prostate cancer survivor myself – prostate cancer recurrence is really important to me as well as our readers. The causes of prostate cancer still are a mystery but research is gradually revealing tactics for preventing prostate cancer and its recurrence. This past Sunday morning, Fox New’s Housecall show discussed new research showing that coffee can reduce prostate cancer recurrence. Click the Fox News Housecall image below to listen to the research results . . . read more

Why Follow Michael Mosley’s FastDiet?

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Will Your Prostate Cancer Recur after Surgery?

Will Your Prostate Cancer Recur after Surgery? by Robert Warren Hess If you have prostate cancer and you have your prostate removed (radical prostatectomy), can your cancer return?  If it does return, are there treatment options available? These are questions men ask when they are faced with making a decision about prostate cancer treatment. Unfortunately, the answer to the first question is “yes” while an affirmative to the second question is (fortunately) a positive sign. If you are faced with making a treatment decision about prostate cancer that involves prostatectomy, it’s a good idea to learn all you can about the procedure and other cancer treatments so you can be prepared to tackle a possible return of your prostate cancer. Chances Prostate Cancer Will Recur Overall, a man who has undergone prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer has a 10 to 30 percent chance of experiencing prostate cancer recurrence during his lifetime. Among these cases of recurrence, about half happen during the first three years after prostatectomy, another 30 percent occur from years 3 to 5 post-prostatectomy, and about 19 percent happen after year 5. Some experts say the figure of recurrence is even higher. Why Prostate Cancer May Return Prostatectomy as […] read more